Berti Dosti

Having an eager heart to meet God he dared to challenge the dictatorial state by listening to God’s messages since in 1988 when Albania was yet under the communism system. Being covered by God’s grace He surrendered his life to the Lord in 17.11.1993 to walk up on His call day by day. Mr Dosti is now Pastor of two churches; Speaker a Christian Radio; Member of the Board of TWR; Missioner of the ECM Britain; as well as the Executive Director of “Victory School”

Rrapi Prendi

God has poured His maturity in Rrapi and he is using it successfully in helping the body of Christ in Lushnja and Bitaj. Rrapi met God in 1994 and he has been a faithful follower and a good supporter of God’s work since then. He is an above reproach, sober-minded, self-controlled, and respectable. Moreover his profession as a teacher has helped him to teach the men patiently and courageously and to lead them in their walking with God.

Petrit Memushaj

A very quiet and self-controlled man, Petrit is an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and purity. He is very devoted to studying, exhortation and teaching. One of the strongest features of Petrit is encouraging. He constantly encourages the young believers to continue reading and praying. Through his leading, the Prayer’s group of men is praying now not only for our Albanian Church, but also for men all over the world. His love for the Scripture helps him memorize hundred of verses from the Bible and using them to advice and build the body of Christ.

Alma Syla

Alma is a charismatic church worker with very good communication skills. Her strong leadership and evangelizing abilities are successfully reflected in her work with women in our church and in church planting in two villages Bitaj and Dreng. Being a deacon, she is very humbled and enjoys serving others, setting the believers and example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. Alma is also a main leader of the Victory School. Her teaching experience and initiative spirit have always led her in taking new challenges in applying the most contemporary teaching methods in the Victory School.

Frosina Loshe

The moment you meet Frosina you will be attracted of her nice smiling and a serving heart. She is always there to help you and to encourage with a word from the Bible or with a prayer. She is a leader of the praying group in the church and she is also part of the church planting team in Fier-shegan. Her love and devotion has provided a good testimony for the women in our church and in the village.