E-Book Project

The main objective of this project is to create a mobile application that will serve as a digital directory and archive for keeping all the Evangelical books available in the Albanian language in eBook format.


  • Objectives

    The idea of this project is to create an online archive of all the books published at least after 1992, the time when the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania restarted their activities throughout the country.

    This application will help writers, pastors and Evangelical religion history researchers/writers to share and sell their work (in the Albanian language) in electronic format by using innovative and modern technologies.

    Through this project, we aim to raise awareness about the history, the spread and the activities of Evangelical churches in Albania through academic and religious publications but also related to the commitment shown to the community by of these churches in the country.

    This application will also help publishing houses to reduce their costs due to the ease that it offers in publishing eBooks and selling them in an instant.

  • Keys of Success

    The keys to success include: the ongoing growing industry of eBook consumption worldwide, the ease of reading books by using an application, buying and obtaining an eBook, and the need of Albanian Evangelical believers to read and enrich their knowledge in the field of Evangelical history and development in Albania and the world, key figures, stories and personalities. Young readers are eager to read digital publications and there is a lack of such publications in eBook format.

    The application will help Albanian writers to publish and sell their religious (fiction / nonfiction) works with low cost (the cost for publishing an eBook is relatively low compared to publishing a book by a publishing house).

  • Mission

    The history of the spread of Evangelical Protestant belief in Albania

    The Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania was first created on November 14, 1892 by several renowned Albanian patriotic intellectuals (Petro Nini Luarasi, Gjerasim Qiriazi, etc).

    The purpose was to spread the Evangelical belief in Albania and the publication and spread of the Albanian literature along with the opening of Albanian schools. In 1940, the community of the Evangelical Brotherhood in Albania had surpassed 100 members who were active in the public sphere. During the communism period, evangelical believers were persecuted and the brotherhood continued their activity after the fall of communism.

    In 2017, they have churches all over the country and actively continue to spread the words of God, helping the Albanians to grow spiritually and intellectually by contributing in the opening of schools and in supporting other educative activities.

    On November 22, 2010, the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania was recognized as a Religious Community, becoming the fifth official religious community in Albania.

    The mission of the project

    We decided to create and launch a digital space for evangelical publications, seeing that the evangelical churches are very focused on spreading the word of God by supporting the development of the intellectual aspect and of books.

    The mission of this project is to bring religious people closer to the word of God through the Evangelical Protestant churches by creating a bridge between Evangelical books in the Albanian language and the modern reader through eBooks. The aim is to create a digital presence of Evangelical publications in the Albanian language and make them easily accessible to the Albanian readers.

    The mission of this application will also be to provide Evangelical books of different topics that provide advice for various aspects of Christian life. When having the application at their hands, the readers will be able to choose from the online library books for various topics, such as the gospel, commentaries, testimonies, Christian family values, marriage values, money, churches, history of religion, etc.

    The app will reach Albanian speaking believers from all over the world.

  • Services

  • To create an application for publishing and selling online Evangelical books in the Albanian language in eBook format

    The project will consist in creating an application for readers where they can identify, select and read their favorite fiction or nonfiction Evangelical books and publications that will be adaptable and with interest to be published in eBook format.

    Apart from creating and launching the application, the project will provide counseling and assistance for young publishers to help them publish and sell their books in our platform.

    The application will contain all the available publications from Evangelical churches, the public library and other religious institutions related to the Evangelical religion in Albania and its development before and after 1990 (the fall of communism).

    The hardcopy books that will not be available in text format will be scanned and published in digital format by using the latest scanner technology available in Albania.

  • Support for young writers and pastors to publish their publications in digital format

    Through this initiative, we aim to encourage the increase of Evangelical book readers and writers. Young pastors, Evangelical religion practitioners and theologians will be supported in their writing initiatives about the Evangelical religion.

    Authors will be able to publish their books in the application without costs and sell them very easy online.

    Evangelicals comprise only 10% of the Albanian population and the ease of access to Evangelical principles and history will encourage the increase of the readers’ base for such books, through different marketing approaches.

    Our company will support publishers by helping them to use the latest technology tools to publish their books in the Albanian language about the Evangelical religion, in digital format.

  • Financial Plan

  • Funds Needed

    Mobile Application 4800€
    Hosting server for one year 600€ (50€/month)
    Staff wages for 6 months 3600 € (3×200)
    Total: 9000€
  • Profits

    The company that will manage and execute this project will offer assistance to writers and theologians of Evangelical religion to publish their publications in eBook format. The company will keep a 30% commission from the sale of the books that will be published by the churches, institutions or independent writers. This will be an ongoing project.

Amount Needed: € 9000
Contact: Berti Dosti (Pastor)
Tel: 00355 69 37 01 274