Flori and Elona’s house in Bitaj village

Since 2007 Way of Peace Church in Lushnje is church planting in Bitaj. Now 10 years later, we have already planted this church and are in  discipleship phase.

During these years we have used a lot of developing projects to help the poor families in this village.

It is a Muslim community but a few people apply the Muslim rituals. Now that we have reached the lost, a lot of people have accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord  and Savior of their life.

Flori and Elona Bali, have three children and also they live together with Flori’s parents. So there are 7 people in this family.

4 Their house is becoming a danger for this family. Their life is in danger. But Flori and Elona are following Jesus. Elona is one of the leaders in the church in Bitaj.

Flori and Elona take care of the church and also they are a big support for us and for the future.

We would like to support this family by contributing in building a decent house to live in.

2The project started 2 years ago. We had a donation of 2500 Euro from a couple from Netherlands With that support, Bali family was able to built just the foundation of the new house.

We think that a donation of $ 20.000 would enable them to build a part of the house. So it would help them to move from their old house which endanger their life. I hope that God will touch the hearts of people to support this family.

Join us in prayers.

Contact: Berti Dosti (Pastor)
Tel: 00355 69 37 01 274
Donations until now:

    • Calvary Church – 2068000 Lek
    • Esther van der Meer – 1460€
    • Paul and Cindy Martin from Tomorrow Clubs – 2499$
    • Rocco Di Leone – 500€
    • Harry Hudson – 120€
    • Marilyn Mellon – 225$ +275$ + 250$



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