Right Choices Bible for Children

Dear Voice of Martyrs,

We want to thank you and to praise our Lord for this wonderful job you have done with publishing of the Right Choices Bible for Children. It is a great blessing for us to have an illustrated Bible for 80 children we are working in two villages in Bitaj and Dreng, Lushnje, Albania.

We want to join in this thank you letter the thankfulness of our church and, the joy of these children. It is so exciting to see children who are carrying their first Bible in their small hands, looking at the very well-illustrated stories of the Bible, and pointing out who Jesus is.

Brothers of the “Voice of Martyrs” with your blessing gift you enabled these 80 children the opportunity to learn about the best stories of the Bible and the life of our God, Jesus Christ.

There is something more we want to thank you; we know through the Right Choices Bible for Children, the story of Jesus Christ is read now in all these families. Our prayer is that by reading the Bible for their children parents themselves will read the truth of the Bible, and learn about our Lord.

You brothers are publishing the Word of God and there is power in it!

May God’s richest blessings be on you!

The “Way of Peace Church”,

Lushnje, Albania

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